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We review only the best software used by Industry Leaders in Digital Marketing.

Take a look at some of the best softwares to use in Digital Marketing in 2019 and on.

1. LeadFormly - Best Lead Capture online Form Builder

Read our review of the best Online Form builder - LeadFormly. Our review consists of an overview, use cases, some examples and links to tutorials.

2. NinjaForms - The secondbest FORM builder out there

How LeadFormly is set up, it just differentiates from other form builder services and tools because it let's you create multi-step forms that get the user to engage. While at the same time being super-easy to set up, even for people not familiar with coding.

3. Ahrefs - The best SEO tool

Ahrefs should be used by anyone doing any kind of Research on content on the web.

4. Wich conferences to visit in the Digital Advertising space?

Your Network is your net worth. In the ever advancing Digital Advertising space, attending conferences, where the best and the brightest gather, share knowledge and network is a must-do for every marketer.

5. Best Lead Generation tools to use in 2019

Here is a list of the best Lead Generation tools to use in 2019 to capture leads, do Conversion Rate optimization or just optimize your funnel.